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[*+*] STARfaceNETWORK exist since June´07.

We´re an european network of ET-Players.

It´s a network, not a clan. So you can also have a clan with you.
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We´re playing for fun on the servers from:

and on


And playing together with [*+*] .

The [*+*] was founded by the owners: 

[300]KanE[*+*]    [OwN]MooN[*+*]

At the moment we´ve got 48 Member!!!
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Our Game:
Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

New Membershipquestions to someone of:
[300]KanE[*+*]    [OwN]MooN[*+*]
[KuH]R!oS[*+*]          [FoM]MatT[*+*]          [67*]BonG[*+*]


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